Deep Muscle Massage

Dissolve tensions in the body and relax the mind.

Western and Eastern encounter, a summary of my work in over 20 years of practice and study: from Shiatsu to biodynamic Craniosacral, passing through numerous excellent meetings with excellent teachers from the four corners of the Earth.

The adjective deep does not refer to something painful but it is the continuous attitude of seeking the best result.

Balance, sensitivity and attention moment by moment are the keys.

The benefits of deep muscle massage are numerous:

  • Relieve tension in the deep muscles
  • Relax your mind Improve the quality of sleep
  • Adjust digestion
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Stimulating the balance of the nervous system

It is a massage that adapts to the needs of each type of person, to his needs of the moment.

The DMM brings you back to the body, to the sensations, reconnects you with your potential and lets the mind calm down and resume its natural and better readiness and lucidity.

“Return to the body because you went too far in the mind” Osho

Deep Muscle Massage Service also in outdoor areas and luxury villas and on boats, equipped with a professional massage table.

For knowledge and in case of need also at home.

Full 55-minute massage

Localized massage for 30 minutes: Back and cervical – Legs – Relaxing – Activating

85-minute long massage

Studio: Via F. Baracca, 116 – Viareggio

Reservations and information: 340 96 93 779 (Telephone – Whatsapp – Telegram)


Alessandro Nardomarino Professional Shiatsu Operator, Teacher of Postural Pilates, Instructor of Mindfulness, attended courses in Craniosacral, Meditation and Zen. Sports and swimming lover. He created the Deep Muscular Massage, a synthesis between West and East.