Deep Muscle Massage: summary of my work in over 20 years of practice and courses.

The benefits of Deep Muscle Massage are numerous:

  • Dissolve muscular tensions in the body

  • Relax your mind

  • Improve the quality of sleep

  • Adjust digestion

  • Strengthen immunity

  • Stimulating the balance of the nervous system

Shiatsu, Craniosacral and various oriental techniques find their soul together in what I have called Deep Muscle Massage.

The D.M.P. uses organic sunflower or almond oil in a moderate manner and is suitable for people of all ages and psychophysical conditions except for sickness conditions.

He works in his private Study, on board of the boat moored in Viareggio, Cinquale and Carrara port and in Hotels, Relais and prestigious facilities.

Alessandro Nardomarino: Professional Shiatsu Operator, Teacher of Postural Pilates, Instructor of Mindfulness, attended courses in Craniosacral and many massage techniques. He worked in luxury and very prestigious structures in contact with people from all over the world.

He is a sportsman and a lover of swimming. 
He created the Deep Muscle Massage, a synthesis between West and East.

Booking: 3409693779 (Phone – Whatsapp – Telegram)

Alessandro Nardomarino (Messenger)